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Thursday, May 11, 2006

karin eriksson podcast!


it's friday and time for another podcast. today i'm thrilled to be speaking with swedish design star, karin eriksson. karin is one of my personal favorites and is a huge, huge inspiration to a number of independent designers i know. her work is always simple, clean and innovative. so [click here] to hear karin's interview and more about her dream project that involves renovating a barn in sweden. and you can can click here to see a slideshow of new photos of karin's work. don't forget to sign up for the d*s newsletter if you want to hear karin's extended interview (letter goes out today!). links to shops karin mentions are below! [podcast music by the go team!]


Blogger jenny vorwaller said...

*yay!* grace, i love your podcasts! i'm so grateful to you for all the lovely voices, the good conversation...and who you pick! :)


9:28 PM  

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