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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

angela adams!


whenever i think of angela adams i'm transported to a place far north, deep in the woods of maine. a world where trees, flowers and animals frolic together to inspire the richly colored and hugely soulful designs of ms. adams. well-known for her beautiful work with textiles, rugs, tiles and accessories, angela adams grew up on an island off the coast of maine where she was (and continues to be) inspired by the bounty of nature around her. i was thrilled to speak with her and even more excited to hear the stories behind her luxurious rugs and tapestries, how she met her husband (designer sherwood hamill) and what her dream project would be if she could design and create without any limitations. so, click here to listen to the first podcast of fall: angela adams. thanks so much to angela and nanette for their time and thoughts.

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