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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

jen corace podcast *


last thursday i took a bus from downtown providence to jen corace's studio. she was kind enough to let me interview her about her work, her childhood in the suburbs of new jersey and even her favorite meal (she has self-described "burrito problem"). i was so nervous to meet her (she's like a rock star to me) but she was incredibly friendly and was kind enough to give me all sorts of insight into her work and how she goes about creating the collections that have made her famous. from brooding problems to her dream collections (think: jen corace for the home) jen had so many interesting things to say- i hope you'll enjoy her podcast. [click here to listen] or right click to save as an mp3. enjoy! [thanks again to jen for taking the time to meet with me]

[photos from okok gallery, music by jets to brazil]


Thursday, October 05, 2006

thomas paul podcast


it's thursday and time for a fresh podcast! last week i sat down with thomas paul at the lovely keena showroom in brooklyn. amid colorful pillows and roost accessories galore we chatted about design, fashion, trends and porkchops. yes, porkchops. [click here] to listen to the podcast and you'll see where the porkchops come in. in 20 short minutes you can learn about thomas' design philosophy, which fashion designer he admires and get all the details about his exciting new project launching this fall. i hope you enjoy it [thanks to thomas for his time and to keena for the comfy podcast setting]

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