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Friday, May 05, 2006

the future perfect podcast


i've been interested in interviewing dave alhadeff of the future perfect for some time now. dave's a huge driving force in the brooklyn design scene (and has become a design celebrity in his own right) so i was dying to pick his brain about some of the great designers in the area and trends on the horizon. dave has created a store that is now nationally and internationally recognized for its innovative selection and knack for showcasing great undiscovered designers. so [click here] to hear dave's take on brooklyn design, who's the next big designer on the horizon and his take on the "form vs. function" debate.


also, my apologies for the weird audio, there was a horrible buzzing on the track i didn't hear at the shop so i had to cut it out and it sounded a little watery afterwards (sorry, i'm still learning). also, don't forget to sign up for the newsletter if you'd like exclusive extended interviews (the letter went out monday, so send an email if you signed up pre-monday and didn't receive it!). thanks again to dave for taking the time for this podcast and be sure to check out the future perfect, a&g merch and the altoids living spaces show if you're in brooklyn this summer. also, [click here] for a photo tour of both of dave's shops discussed in he podcast. enjoy!

future perfect 10


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