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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

fred flare podcast!


tuesday was all about brooklyn designs so i wanted to move our monday podcast to tuesday so it didn't get lost. this week i was thrilled to speak with chris and keith of fred flare. i don't think i've done a podcast that was this fun in a long time (or an interview of any type). i stopped by fred flare headquarters in williamsburg, brooklyn and sat down with chris and keith to chat about design, starting your own store and sing the praises of reality tv. did you know that chris almost made the cast of survivor? did you know that keith went to FIT and dreamed of being a fashion designer? no? well, [click here] to listen! the theme music is "sparkle pop", an original pop song written by chris and keith. [thanks guys, i had so much fun!]


Blogger GAILE GUEVARA said...

I love that you interview city talents and share with the rest of us who appreciate your time and good design ... just wanted to send a thank you!

6:27 PM  

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